Demise of a Mom’s Nightstand



So many things change once you become a mom, big things like having a tiny human completely dependent on you and your spouse for survival. But what always catches me off guard are the little things that change…like what you keep on your nightstand.

  • Decorations. There was a time in my life where I had cherished mementos on my night stand, little baubles my husband and I had brought back from various trips together. Even a sweet note or card from him used to be there. I quickly had to relocate those when my 3 year old tried to heave the beautiful Venetian glass paper weight like a beach ball and then proceeded to rip an anniversary card apart to see what was “tween” the card covers. Spoiler: there wasn’t anything there. Now for the life of me I have no idea where I have *safely* stashed those cherished items.
  • Beauty products. It used to be that every night before I went to sleep I would slather very expensive, thick hand cream on my hands and arms. No more! The first time my toddler opened the drawer and found the tube of cream and proceeded to squeeze it like her favorite bear’s neck, I knew scaly hands were in my future. I of course immediately moved the hand cream to a very safe place in the bathroom….and haven’t used it since.
  • Books. I always read a little bit before I go to sleep. I love the smell of the paper and bindings and the satisfaction of turning a page and getting closer to the end. I remember being a kid and one of my parents reading to me before bed time. My brain just won’t turn off without this ritual. Unfortunately our girls also happen to have a ritual of their own, namely to remove book marks and chew on books. It’s as if we’re raising beavers! So all my paperback and hard cover books are safely tucked away on the book shelf that I never look at and can’t reach once my head finally does hit the pillow.


My nightstand looks much different tonight than it did before I had children. Where my novels once were are story books: “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!,” “Llama Llama Misses Mama,” plus a dizzying array of princess books. My hand cream is gone and instead of battling time with a beauty ritual I now mediate battles over pillow space and pages being blocked by a sibling’s head. I no longer look at my physical mementos and remember trips past but am instead enjoying the moment with stories read aloud and group snuggles.

Yes my life has changed in so very many big and little ways since I became a mom. Sometimes all these changes feel overwhelming and I feel a little lost. But then … there are moments and days that make me realize I love where life has lead me, and I would never want to exchange the life I have with my girls for the one I had before them.