The Magic Pill: The Secret to Getting Healthy and Fit

The Magic Pill: The Secret to Getting Healthy and Fit

Interested in learning about the pill that will make you healthy and help you feel vital and confident without paying attention to what you eat or having to exercise? 

Sorry, there isn’t one.  No matter how much we wish there were a magic pill, or drink, or wrap that would let us continue to eat what we want, have a sedentary lifestyle and look like a bathing suit model, that product doesn’t exist.

Want to the know the formula that healthy people use?  Eat well and exercise regularly.  BOOM!  Did you feel the ground shake?  No?  Probably because you’ve heard this 100s of times, right?  But if this formula is so simple, why isn’t everyone healthy, fit and happy?  Because it’s SO easy to not exercise.  And it’s SO easy to eat pre-packages, filled with unnecessary-extras food.  And it’s SO easy to eat tasty, high-fat and sugary food.  And it’s SO easy to hit snooze one more, “just one more, no this is the last time I swear” time.  And it’s SO easy to get sucked into a comfy couch to watch Netflix or the big game.

So do healthy people have Marvel Comic Hero will-power strength?  Probably not.  So how do they do it?

Here’s what I have learned: the key to success is consistency + a reasonable plan + accountability.  These components allow you to create the kinds of habits that the healthy & fit folks use, not a magic pill, to stay on track.

So how can you create your own healthy habits? 

First, know yourself.  Don’t create a plan for yourself that you know from the get-go is going to be impossible for you to stick to, like working out for 3 hours a day if you haven’t exercised since high school.  Instead plan for 10-15 minutes at first and build from there.  If you’re a meat lover, a vegan diet probably isn’t going to last.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t add one more vegetable a day into your meal plan and then continue to add one more and/or replace unhealthy foods with a vegetable as eating veggies gets easier.  See where this is leading?  If you can stick with small changes and slowly add on to them, you can achieve your goals of becoming healthy and feel great.  And the final piece: find a friend, mentor, coach to check in with you on a regular basis to make sure you are sticking to your plan.  Giving yourself an excuse is easy, but looking someone in the eye and telling her you didn’t work out because you had to binge watch those last 8 episodes on Netflix last night is much harder. 

So while there isn’t a magic pill that will make you healthy, creating healthy habits by committing to making small, maintainable changes that someone will check on will get you there.   And the sustainable, reality-based results you get will feel magical!